I found an old business card from my days in Malaysia.

I remember how numerology was so important there.


My numbers all finished in 300.

Mobile 7300 twice, fixed line 8218 5300, fax 8319 4300, zip 63000

Superstition by osmosis or how a business founder wastes his time in trivial pursuits.

I found several studies about numerology in Asia

One, Superstition and asset markets debunks numerology at a simple level but I read another one from Hong Kong Investment managers which proved that the ones using numerology made worst investments than the more rational managers.

When looking at the roots of these superstitions it is hard to believe they still have a strong influence today.

I know, I've been touched, I still associate 8 with money luck.

So next time you are talking to your investment manager, you could do well to probe where he stands on numerology.

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