2 books

2 books

This morning, I read “Oubli” from “Eloge du risque”. A short essay by Anne on the virtues of forgetting as opposed to the current obsession of recording all. Anne's writing focuses on the past, Tim’s WTF on the future.

Anne is a true modern hero. Her recent death seen as the apotheosis of her ideals as expressed in this book, The Virtue of Risk. It’s profoundly moving and stirs me; recalling by association the emotions with a clinical psychologist friend.

WTF starts where I began my computer career. The event which lead me to embrace the Silicon Valley culture and my ambition to become an entrepreneur. Another form of accepting high risks.

This morning, the serendipity of reading a chapter from each one of these books and the mixture in my mind made me want to share my appreciation of both by recommending their work.

Enjoy the reading.