I’m an Anywhere


I love the tag.

I used to get really annoyed by the question Where are you from?

Which I most often answered by saying:

“By an accident of birth I’m from France but I feel like I was born in Silicon Valley”

Now after reading a review of David Goodhart’s book, The Road to Somewhere; I’ll say

“I’m from Anywhere”

David’s definition:

Anywhere: A group which “holds” identities based on educational and professional success. Anywheres value social and geographical mobility.

Somewhere group is characterised by identities rooted in a place, and its members value family, authority and nationality.

The theme of the books is that populism is a backlash of the Somewheres against the Anywheres which look down on them.

I love the insight of David and his tags, even if I have not read nor share his recommendations.

I found the book’s review in the Economist.

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