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Dubai, UAE, 15 MAY 2016: FasterCapital (a virtual incubator based in Dubai, UAE) has launched its third round of funding for 2016 which begins on 15th of May, 2016 and ends on 16th of Jun, 2016. The first & second rounds of funding has attracted more than 2000 entrepreneurs from more than 84 countries. 75 startups were accepted into the acceleration program.

FasterCapital hopes the message will reach wider audience of dedicated and enthusiastic entrepreneurs who seek both capital and incubation. Each startup goes through three level of assessment: Business, Financial and technical. The study will be communicated back to the entrepreneurs so that they can take our feedbackin the development of their startup.

Entrepreneurs will get (for free!) an extra professional opinion about their startup, potential obstacles and ideas for improvement! All accelerated companies will receive services such as mentorship, marketing study, feasibility study, technical consultation, new sales channels and financing.

FasterCapital offers two programs: “Acceleration Program” and “Incubation Program”. In the “Acceleration program”, FasterCapital will provide mentorship, access to capital and extra consulting services (legal, technological and marketing) to Entrepreneurs. What distinguishes FasterCapital is its “Incubation Program” which might appeal to non-technical entrepreneurs. FasterCapital will become a co-founder (technical cofounder) and co-funder (as one of the first investors) and will provide technical development per equity (up to $500k for each startup). The “Incubation Program” might also appeal to tech entrepreneur who seek some help in covering some of the early investment in the startup.

FasterCapital has more than 100 internal developers with different skill sets who are already working on multiple projects.

Startups can apply to join our Virtual Incubator at:


FasterCapital is a virtual incubator based in Dubai Internet City, UAE. FasterCapital has more than 18 startups that have graduated already and 22 pending incubation.

Contact info

Name: Mr. Faisal Khamees

VP of Operations at FasterCapital

Phone: +971 5558 55663


Name: MR. Terry Crospy

Mentor & Investor at FasterCapital

Phone: (512) 400-0256


Mr. Jeff  Pinkham

Regional partner in Spain

Phone: +34 69 116 114 1

Email: jeff.pinkham@fastercapital.com






Hootsuite training


Working on Social Media skill set

Introduction to HootSuite
Slides from the intro

Click above link for the slide.

Getting more in depth tonight.

PS: the slide are mostly in Spanish.

Got to polish my Hootsuite set up now