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CHINA Debt Adept


On the day I received a copy of the book “THE NEW EMPIRE OF DEBT”, The Rise and Fall of an Epic Financial Bubble, a local newspaper worries about the rapid growth of debt in China.

After copying the business model of capitalism, it is not hard to see why China would want to copy the debt model of the US.

After becoming the world’s second largest economy, nobody can doubt that China will become a world leading Debt Adept.

My Tai Chi teacher had an expression for this: Monkey see, monkey do !

Got to read that book now to know where we are heading.


Hacking airliners

Hacking airliners

Hacking airliners… “use an Android smartphone to hack in and commandeer commercial jets.”

Title and extract from an article in this month’s EE Times.

Reeling from the coverage of Malaysia Airline losing its second commercial airliner in just over 4 months.

This month’s article from  EE Times sends shivers to techies.

Specially when you know that the Boeing 777 has 2.6 million lines of code and the 787, the Dreamliner, has 6.5 million lines of code.

Still there was some heart warming news in this issue of EE Times with the launch of Kalray Supercomputer on a PCI card.

But at the same time a warning.

When you compare the funding of companies such as:

Kalray,  the French one, receiving $8M for a supercomputer


YO receiving $1.5M for an app that can only send two letters, YO


SmartApps, a great messenger I use, but worth $19 Billion ?


A Tech bubble is about to burst in tech!




Soirée de Jazz au Café du Rhone


Vendredi 13 Juin, Valleiry

Le groupe de Jazz Z’est de Swing

au Café du Rhone de Valleiry.

Venez y, a partir de 19:30.

A bientot

Cliquez ce lien pour voir le menu


trio de Jazz


Birthday boy

birthday cake 3 June 2014 out for a little climb to local glaciers

go for snow it’s quite a long way

glacier there at last

snowball throwing small snow ball

bigger snow ball  Can’t hack a bigger snow ball

bro  my bro tries

a scared by an avalanche

lunch all end well in boozy lunch.

Don’t try climbing that mountain without a guide.

I’m not driving back.

Enjoying birthday !



made in france  not

Organisation Officielle des Petits Acronymes, ou pas.

Ou pas, in french means or not.

OOPA is the English way of writing the French “ou pas” (an homophone or a transliteration)

In French saying oopa is a popular way of seeding doubt after making a statement.

Anyway, what brought this to my attention today is

Three articles from thhis week’s Economist which took this trendy way of expressing doubt.

One is called appropriately

Made in France, not

and the other one

An easier part of the world – not

Great OOPAs

A less elegant OOPA title was

Fighting on-or off?

I find OOPAs  to be quite an elegant and light hearted way of expressing doubt.

In French or in English.

What do you think?






The truth is not for all men

but for those who seek it

Ayn Rand