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Sweet and Sour news in messaging

Android Nougat, native RCS messaging

Sweet messaging coming up in Android Nougat.

The ex-monopoly operator of telecommunication in Spain, Telefonica, joins Google in RCS.

Rich Communications Services, RCS, was developed by the telecommunications operators to compete with messaging applications. After huge investments, over decades, the service, launched as Joyn, was a big flop.

Similarly, G+, created by Google to compete with Facebook turned out to be a zombie.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp channels over 100 million voice calls a day. Eating the lunch of the traditional telephone operators, their SMS and email.

And Facebook Messenger has gained messaging ground along Line, Wechat et all.

So the losers got together to fight back.

Google will leverage the RCS development and make it native in the next version of Android, V7, nick named Nougat.

Your next Android phone will have RCS without you having to download an app.

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again.

I’ll be chewing my Nougat as soon as I get a new phone.

I’m still on V.4.4.4 of Android and the chances of my phone tasting Nougat leave me with a sour taste.

Vested interests such as hardware manufacturer forcing the purchase of new gear. Or the operators unable or unwilling to update all the bloatware they heap upon the sweets of Android.

On my previous Android phone it took 18 month for a new version of Android to arrive and by then it was obsolete.

No wonder so many of us turn out to be bipolar.

My sugar tooth can’t wait.

Wishing you well sweeties.

Insurtech-fintech in Spain

Mapfre, a major Spanish insurance group is investing in Venture fund Alma Mundi.

This is expected to boost #Insurtech and #Fintech investments.

Alta Mundi will surely be on the look out for Insurtech investments, on the strength of its new partner.

#IOT and Fintech are also targets.

Alma Mundi invests in B2B model, Series A or B, from 500K to 50 million Euros.

Focused on Europe, North and south America and increasingly Asia.

Spaniard abroad or other nationals in Spain are hot favourites.

Alma Mundi is looking to boost its fund to 50 Million Euros, it already has investors from most parts of the world.