I’m an Anywhere


I love the tag.

I used to get really annoyed by the question Where are you from?

Which I most often answered by saying:

“By an accident of birth I’m from France but I feel like I was born in Silicon Valley”

Now after reading a review of David Goodhart’s book, The Road to Somewhere; I’ll say

“I’m from Anywhere”

David’s definition:

Anywhere: A group which “holds” identities based on educational and professional success. Anywheres value social and geographical mobility.

Somewhere group is characterised by identities rooted in a place, and its members value family, authority and nationality.

The theme of the books is that populism is a backlash of the Somewheres against the Anywheres which look down on them.

I love the insight of David and his tags, even if I have not read nor share his recommendations.

I found the book’s review in the Economist.


Friends in Mislata

Friends in Mislata

Dinner with Gregory, Niall and Bridy

in sunny Mislata


Happy New Year

Wishing you all the best for 2017


Merry Christmas

Wishing you and your family a Joyful Christmas

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